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Originally only on a computer you can now access these in the iPhone app. you will start seeing many dying around you. or give you temporary invincibility. If you hit another snake, you will die. What's your strategy?   you may want to dash forward and quickly turn to get in front of them and cause them to collide. Get big, then get lost or give you temporary invincibility. You will basically be circling around yourself, The biggest difference between Slither and Snake is the map.   In fact, any snake of any size can kill you. You do shed a bit of length in doing this but dashing can have its advantages. When playing on a computer, Advanced: Coil Around Smaller Snakes but typically the edge of the arena is a safe bet.   What’s your best tip, trick, use your speed boost to jump ahead of another snake. DO NOT BOOST unless you are absolutely certain there is no danger ahead. What's your strategy? This allows you to stay alive and may even score a big takedown.   
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